Access a Google spreadsheet with App Inventor

Accessing a Google spreadsheet is quite easy, but badly documented on the web. A good explanation is given by Taifun on his puravidaapps website: How to use a Google Drive Google Spreadsheet as Database

My solution here is a simplification that only looks at SELECT statements. Also, Google changes its API’s quite often, maybe this example does not use the latest, but I know that it worked in February 2017.

Below is a picture of the very simple spreadsheet I made. You can create a spreadsheet any way you like, creating a .csv file, using Microsoft Office, or  Libre Office, or directly as a Google sheet. Make sure that your final sheet is a Google sheet, otherwise you cannot access it in the right way.


Blocks for the spreadsheet app:

A link to the .aia  can be found here…

5 gedachten over “Access a Google spreadsheet with App Inventor”

  1. Some days ago, I downloaded your application and it was all fine. I even made my own based on that, which, basically, worked fine too. Since yesterday, your application issues a 1101 error. However, if I paste the url directly into the url text box of a browser, it still downloads the csv file as expected. Do you have any idea of what is happening?

  2. I think it’s a great tutorial. Explained clearly and works correctly. I would be interested to be able to add information to the spreadsheet, could you help me with the query statements?

  3. Hi
    It’s a good introduction to google sheets and app inventor.
    I’m a dummy and i can’t modify the response when the city is not in a list !


  4. I am impressed with the simplicity of your query tutorial. It still works and I was having an issue with the list function for the response.

    In my example I used select * where D contains ‘textboxtext’

    In my response I get the entire sheet split by columns and content. Then at the end the row query result. Just adding list from CSV table to the select list item (index 2) gave me the result I was looking for.

    I really appreciate this tutorial.

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